CtS - Nano Spray Plating

The conventional surface treatment technologies are namely Electroplating and Vacuum Plating. Nanometer Spray Painting (NSP) is the new addition to these 2 conventional surface treatment technologies. The NSP technology in view of its recent development from China is expectably anonymous to many surface treatment professionals and companies; however; it had been in recent years attracted the attention and acclaimed recognition by many renowned surface treatment specialist and companies attention of its capabilities and viewed it as the revolutionary plating technology after electroplating and vacuum plating.

The NSP Technology strength lies in the fact that it does not possessed post treatment effect of severe environmental pollution via waste water and toxic discharge conventional electroplating technology and most importantly; the start up investment cost of NSP is significantly lower then that of conventional plating technology. Thirdly; NSP application scope compliments to that of conventional vacuum plating technology which has a high defective production rate in the plating process due to factors such as shape irregularities and sizes of objects to be plated.

Widely recognized, electroplating process 3 main emissions are waste water; carbon dioxide & waster material. With increased and more stringent environmental friendly industrial process required; the cost of investment of such waste management for the by product of electroplating is both costly and recurring. Electroplating process results emissions of 6 type of toxic wastes which were known to be cancer causing agents in human beings. The chemical element of (Ni) is also known to cause skin irritation. An environmental conscious industrial process indirectly results a better living environment of mankind and reduced health hazard. Research into ways to overcoming this environmental hazard of Electroplating had this while been a key area of research and study by many industrial scientists.

With a view to offer the plating industry an alternative and sustainable plating process; CTS group embarked on its arduous mission of extensive investments in research and development of a world class leading plating technology and over a lengthy time frame of 5 years- the Nanometer Spray Painting (NSP) technology was successfully developed and in some respects, command the potential to substitute electroplating and vacuum plating technology. This technology could command the capability of application to surface treatment process of EMI industry.

CTS Nanometer Spray Painting (NSP) Technology uses specially produced solvent; combined with direct paint spraying method, results the formation of high EMI ; high reflective surface coating.

The processes are:substrate pre treatment→NSP application→top coat→quality test and control

Products applying the NSP technology are high in quality and durability in terms of adhesiveness; weathering & humidity meeting the requirement of mainland China automobile and electrical appliances manufacturer’s high specs requirement.
The NSP technology is simple; environmentally friendly; widely applicable as well as a form of recyclable surface treatment technology.

CTS NSP technology also has the attributes of EMC and EMI technological ability with cost and performance superiority then that of silver plating; copper plating. The NSP technology also allows the flexibility of color variation in the plating process.
Top coat requiring color such as silver; Champaign (Gold); antique etc in both mett and gloss finishes. Compatible Substrates includes glass; porcelain; wood; latex; plastic; ABS; PC; PPO+PC et