Digital-Positioning Water Transfer Printing Technology
Increased standard of living brings about a new level of needs from discerning consumers today. Apart from the utilization value of a product, consumers demand the aesthetic value attached to it. This presents an opportunity to surface treatment to place a part in this value adding role. The digital-positioning water transfer printing technology allows a plain surface of a product to be transformed immediately into colorful one.

Normal printing technology only work best on flat product surface; products with irregular surfaces would encounter a high degree of production defects in printing; however with the development of Digital-positioning water transfer printing technology; challenges faced by conventional printing technology such as offset printing; screen printing; thermal printing could be effectively overcome.

Digital-positioning water transfer printing technology is an extension of Dye-sublimation. It employs the principle of osmosis and pre printed designs (from printer) to transfer the desired design onto the substrate via water without the need of mold.

This technology eradicates conventional printing challenges and also reduces molding production cost significantly-both financially and time involved. Importantly; it creates product aesthetic value of today’s diverse range of product. Importantly- it is also the perfect combination of both conventional and modern surface treatment technology.

Benefits of digital-positioning water transfer printing technology
Aesthetic valu:natural patterns; colors could be printed onto the respective products It also allows customization of desired pre-designed colors; patterns.
Wide applicability:he technology could be applied to substrate such as hardware; leather; glass; porcelain etc.
Innovation:It effectively overcome the challenges of conventional printing such as difficulty of irregular shapes; corners etc.
Value adding:the aesthetic value the technology brings about. Also it increased the productivity in the printing process.
Efficiency:All it takes is only 30 minutes to complete 1 cycle.
Customization capabilities:color; designs are possible to customize according to individual user need.